This program displays system information on Palm OS handhelds. It displays information on the operating system, processor, display, battery, memory, and databases. It can list the heaps and their sizes. It can list all the databases, display the attributes, list the records, and display the data in records.


Requires PalmOS 2.0 or higher. It shouldn't crash on Palm OS 1.0 but it may be missing some functionality like scroll bars.


This software was tested under POSE with all Palm distributed ROMs. It was also tested on a PalmPilot Professional and Sony Clie SJ-30. I would appreciate reports from people running newer hardware, especially for devices not manufactured by Palm.


Internals is open source and free software. It is released under the GPL. You can redistribute it for free and modify it as long as you distribute the source. I would appreciate being notified if you use the code in another program or if you wish to distribute a collection of software that contains this program.


Download the binary and source archives.


Comments, bug reports, suggestions are all welcome by email at